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T8 Strip Fixtures

T8 Fluorescent Strip Fixtures

T8 fluorescent strip fixtures have always been very popular.  The T8 fixture is probably the most common of all industrial lighting fixtures.  The limitation of the T8 strip fixture is its lumen output, which limits it mounting or hanging height to 10-ft. to 15-ft.  The upside of the T8 fixture is that it is economical, provides excellent color light and it consumes approximately 50 percent of the power than that of a similar T5 high output strip fixture.  T8 strip fixtures allow 180-degree light dispersal as opposed to other types of fluorescent fixtures that aim the light down towards the floor.  T8 fluorescent strips can also be equipped with reflectors to aim light for specific tasks.  In the lighting industry, a fluorescent strip fixture with a reflector is referred to as an industrial strip fixture.  The reflectors that attach to the strip fixture come in white painted steel or specular aluminum.  The choice of reflector depends on the particular application.