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T5 Vapor Tight Fixtures

T5 Fluorescent Vapor Tight Lighting

If you are installing new industrial lighting fixtures that need to be vapor tight, dust proof or wet location, you need to understand the choices that are available to you and how to select the best vapor tight fixture for your needs.  Fluorescent vapor tight lighting is the most common type of vapor tight lighting used in industrial lighting applications.  Fluorescent vapor tight fixtures are excellent for parking garages, food processing facilities, barns and any other type of location requiring wet location dust-proof fixtures.  Vapor tight lighting in the form of T5 high output light fixtures is a popular choice because of their excellent lighting capabilities and durability.  The typical T5 high output fluorescent vapor tight fixture uses two T5 high output lamps producing approximately 10,000 lumens.  ILS Industrial Lighting offers 24 and 48-inch fluorescent vapor tight fixtures that combat moisture, dust and other destructive elements to provide clear, safe and energy-efficient lighting. These T5 fixtures feature industrial-grade vapor-tight polycarbonate lenses and housings.  Our vapor tight fixtures are not sealed fluorescent strips but “built for purpose” vapor tight fixtures that include a gear tray/reflector.