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T5 Lamps

T5 High Output Fluorescent Lamps

The T5 fluorescent lamp is the first linear fluorescent lamp type to operate exclusively with an electronic ballast.  It is smaller, both in length and diameter, than T8 and T12 lamps, and utilizes a miniature bi-pin base. The T5 fluorescent lamp maintains a very high lumens-per-watt efficiency.  A single T5HO (high output) lamp will product approximately 5,000 initial lumens as compared to 2,800 to 3,000 lumens from a single T8 lamp.  The T5 lamp has a low mercury content. The lamp has a coating on the inside of the glass wall that stops the glass and phosphors from absorbing mercury. This barrier coating reduces the amount of mercury needed from approximately 15 mg to 3 mg per lamp. Since mercury absorption causes the lamp’s light output to depreciate over its life, the coating helps to keep light levels much closer to initial output—only 5% depreciation in the first 40% of its life.