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ILS Industrial Lighting
Manufacturer of high quality T5 and T8 fluorescent light fixtures including:
Fluorescent high bay fixtures, T5 and T8
Fluorescent strip fixtures, T5 and T8
Fluorescent industrial fixtures, T5 and T8
Fluorescent vapor proof fixtures, T5 and T8
Phone: (888) 750-7641
Fax: (877) 465-4861
Email Address: customerservice@ilsindustriallight.com




  • How do I contact ILS?

ILS Customer Service is available Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm Central Time to assist you.  Customer service contact information is as follows:

 Phone: (888) 750-7641

 Fax: (877) 465-4861

 Email: customerservice@ilsindustriallight.com


  • How large does the order have to be to obtain free shipping?

 ILS will ship all individual orders (within the continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)), that have a value of $1,500.00 or more, free of freight charges (ILS will pay for freight). To qualify for free shipping, the order must be shipped in one shipment and shipped to one location, using our choice of carrier.


  • How long does it take before my order will ship?

 All orders for products in stock will be shipped as soon as possible but no later than the next business day after receipt of order and any required documentation.


  • How will my order be shipped?

 All orders are shipped standard ground shipping, to your designated shipping point in any of the 48 contiguous states.  Orders will be shipped on pallets by common carrier and will require you to be responsible for prompt unloading.


  • Does ILS ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

 ILS does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. 


  • What do I do if I receive fixtures damaged in transit to my shipping point?

It is the responsibility of the consignee (you), to have the delivering driver sign a detailed acknowledgement of damaged goods, upon receipt of the goods.  You must take pictures of the damaged goods (on pallets) as they were received.


  • How do I order products from ILS?

You can order ILS products directly from our website or over the telephone. For phone orders or order assistance, please contact ILS Customer Service. ILS will provide an order acknowledgement to customers who submit a valid e-mail address at time of order. 


  • Will taxes be added to my order?


Taxes will be added to each order if you are located in a state in which ILS has nexus, unless you provide a certificate establishing exemption from taxation. Orders that are tax-exempt for resale, tax-exempt organizations or direct pay permits will be accepted but notprocessed or shipped until a valid tax certificate is received by ILS. Fax or e-mail the certificate to ILS Customer Service.  Taxes will not be added to orders for shipments to states in which ILS does not have nexus.  Please call ILS Customer Service for tax information and state nexus status.


  • What types of payment does ILS accept?


ILS uses Interspirefor your security and accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for online or phone orders.  With prior authorization from ILS Customer Service, an order may be paid by check but will not be processed or shipped until the check has cleared our bank.  All listed prices are subject to change without notice and exclude applicable freight and taxes.


  • Does ILS keep my information secure?

Our customer information is confidential. ILS does not sell or distribute customer information to any individual, business or organization. All credit card information submitted through orders on our website is handled exclusively by Interspireto assure your security.