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About ILS


ILS is an industrial lighting fixture manufacturer dedicated to the production of fluorescent light fixtures for industrial environments.  Years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the industrial lighting sector have enabled us to offer the industry's best fluorescent fixtures direct to contractors, end-users and lighting distributors across the nation.  Our focus on the fluorescent light fixture market allows us to focus our efforts on the areas of our expertise – we are “the experts” in the field of industrial fluorescent lighting.  Our industrial lighting experience is vast and includes manufacturing facilities, warehouses, parking garages, storage facilities, and auditoriums for some of the world’s largest companies.


Our industrial lighting product line includes:                                                        

  •        Fluorescent High Bay Fixtures
  •        Fluorescent Strip Fixtures
  •        Fluorescent Industrial Strip Fixtures
  •        Fluorescent Vapor Tight Fixtures
  •        Fluorescent Explosion Proof Fixtures
  •        Fluorescent Hazardous Location Fixtures


Our product design and quality are of utmost importance.  For example our Fluorescent High Bay Fixtures are designed for maximum light distribution and endurance in all types of industrial environments, specifically the high hanging height and high ambient temperature conditions found in many manufacturing and warehousing facilities.  All of our fixtures are manufactured with high quality ballasts that are designed for industrial fluorescent lighting applications.    All of our T5HO fluorescent high bay fixtures have high ambient  (90 degree C), programmed start ballasts installed as a standard feature.


All of our fluorescent fixtures are designed with the contractor and end-user in mind.  From lamp holders to ballasts we use only the best components.  All fixtures are powder coated after fabrication to eliminate rust and sharp edges.


The best thing about our fluorescent fixtures is their value.  Seldom do you find the best product for the best price.  Now you can!!!!!!!