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New Products

Linear Fluorescent:

*  Full body high bays
*  Louvered retail style high/low bays
*  3, 4 and 8 lamp, 4 and 8 ft., industrial strip fixtures with either mirrored or white reflectors


*  I-Beam style Linear LED High Bay family
*  LED Vapor Tight family
*  Lensed LED Troffers
*  Recessed LED Direct/Indirect fixtures
*  Recessed LED Flat Panel fixtures
*  LED Wall Packs

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High Bay

Fluorescent High Bay Fixture, 4 Lamp, T8 More Info

Strip Fixtures

Fluorescent Strip Fixture

More info

Hazardous Location

Non Metallic Hazardous Location Fluorescent 2 Ft. 2 Lamp T8

More info

Hanging Cable

Hanging Cable for all Fluorescent Fixtures

More info

LED High Bay

LED High BayMore info

Explosion Proof

Explosion Proof Fluorescent 4 Ft. 2 Lamp T5HO

More Info

Steel Wire Guard

Steel Wire Guard for4 Lamp T5HO Fluorescent High Bay Fixture

More Info

Cord without plug

6 Ft. 18 3 Cord without plug

More info

Vapor Tight

Fluorescent Vapor Tight Fixture, 4 Ft., 2 Lamp T5HOMore Info

Industrial Fixture

Fluorescent Industrial Fixture, 4 Ft., 2 Lamp, T8 with White Steel Reflector

More info

Fluorescent Lamps

T5HO lamp

More info

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

More Info

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